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Eavestrough Cleaning


Eavestrough Repairs


Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

Are your windows dirty and neglected?

Clean windows are an integral part of any home or business. 

For homeowners, clean windows allow the sun’s natural light to shine through making the home seem brighter and warmer.  It improves your curb appeal and your overall feeling about your home. 

Our window cleaning services are for home, condo, apartment or commercial windows and include:

Our staff takes great pride in ensuring that your windows are completely spot and streak free. And we guarantee it or we will come back and clean them again.

‘Green’ products are used 99% of the time to help protect your home and the environment.


Eavestrough Cleaning

Is your eavestrough clogged?

Having a clogged eavestrough can result in several problems in your home including severe water damage.

By getting your gutters professionally cleaned twice a year, you will not only help protect your home, but it will also lengthen the lifespan of your gutters saving you money and headaches in the future.

Our experienced eaves cleaners will do a thorough inspection and cleaning of the interior of the eaves and check the downspouts for any blockage.

If necessary blocked downspouts will be snaked out, or carefully dissembled, unblocked, and put back in place.

Upon final inspection, water will once again flow easily through your gutters protecting your home from damage.

We also can install Gutter Guards to prevent your eaves from becoming blocked in the future. 

At Maple Window & Eaves Cleaning we take pride in cleaning and protecting your eavestrough’s in a timely cost-effective manner.

All our work is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Gutter Guards - Leaf Guards

Tired of cleaning out your gutters?

Gutter Guards work! They are a great way to protect your eaves and your home from blockages that can cause irreparable water damage saving you time and money. 

From our extensive experience of cleaning eavestroughs, we have seen many eavestrough guards which do not work. After a lot of research and testing we chose leaf guards that we believe work the best, based on the results we’ve seen.

Don’t stress out about cleaning your gutters ever again.  

Let us professionally install Gutter Guards today. 

Eavestrough & Downspout Repairs

Is your eavestrough cracked or broken?

Cracks or broken/missing pieces to an eavestrough and gutter system can lead to water damage in the home.  

The best way to keep your home protected is to ensure that water is able to properly flow through your eaves and downspout system. 

Our eavestrough repair service includes:

All performed by a professional team to ensure that the job is done right the first time.  And always backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Pressure Washing Service

Revitalize your patio, pavement or brick

Pressure washing is a great way to remove dirt and grime that builds up on outdoor surfaces. 

Not only do we clean the surface, we also remove weeds and growth that have sprouted between cracks and apply polymeric sand and stone sealant where necessary to improve it’s longevity. 

We specialize in:

All performed by a professional team to ensure that the job is done right the first time.  And always backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

The Maple Window & Eaves Cleaning Guarantee

You take pride in the way that your home looks and deserve to have it protected. With clean windows and a well-maintained eavestrough system you are not just improving your curb appeal, but are protecting your home as well.  

We believe that home renovation companies should stand behind and take pride in the work that they do.  There is nothing worse than paying good money to have a job done poorly. 

This is why we offer our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  If you’re not happy with the quality of our work, we make it our priority to come back and make it right. 

We also offer

A Brand Name Trusted By Your Neighbours

See What Our Clients Have to Say

Great service
Damp Sardines
Damp Sardines
What still gets me is I have used this company for the past five years and the quality of work is consistently excellent every time !! See you next year.
Daniel Mao
Daniel Mao
We used Maple Window & Eaves Cleaning to clean our eavestroughs for Fall/Winter 2022. The perimeter of the house was clean after the work was done, and there was no signs of damage to the house (which has happened in the past from other companies). Company was also prompt to reply for quotes, scheduling, and other questions I had about the job. They'll be receiving more business from me for the 2023 year.
Moshe Benyair
Moshe Benyair
Best service in Toronto, diligent and through and if something was missed they are back within 24 hours to correct!
Mendel Lukiyan
Mendel Lukiyan
Maple Window & Eaves Cleaning Inc. did an excellent job cleaning our townhomes complex for a very reasonable price. They came on time and I found the workers to be very efficient and thorough. Our windows and eaves cleaning experience with Maple has been very smooth and easy. I highly recommend them for Windows and Eaves cleaning services. Thank you Maple see you spring time.
Joseph Hoschander
Joseph Hoschander
Very very well priced! And they do a great job! Highly recommend
Tere Quiroz
Tere Quiroz
Maple windows did an excellent job cleaning the eaves. Providing pictures of the completed job as proof of the work done was very good And the two employees were extremely helpful!
Toras Emes
Toras Emes
We have very large windows on a very delicate property, however, the crew worked thoroughly and efficiently and made the windows look the best they've looked since they were first installed. Very professional top-notch service. Will definitely be returning!
Duvie Ullman
Duvie Ullman
The crew from Maple window and eaves were very polite and friendly. They came at the time we made up & did a thorough job on my windows and eaves cleaning. I highly recommend them for windows and gutter cleaning.
Robert S. Reichmann
Robert S. Reichmann
More important than the beautiful job the crew did is the integrity of their management. I feel completely confident knowing that should anything go wrong they'll go above and beyond the make it right. Thanks guys for giving me sparkling windows and peace of mind! :)

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